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Looking for a little office humor? Always wanted to know what goes on behind the phone lines of a Technical Support help desk? Step into the world of Teccraft. An I.T. Company built on helping callers understand the websites They use. Password resets and Website management are not the only thing that goes on here! Watch the members of Teccraft handle those commontechnical problems while giving 100% customer service
Sean just registered and became a legal superhero in Capital City. And like all newly registered heroes he wants to join the most biggest and elite group in Capital City, The Authority. Does Superior has what it takes to join the elite group or will this be another lesson learned.


​Your Guide from 9 to 5

Millions of Problems Six Scientist and One Think Tank, Do the Math! What happens when you get six scientist together under one Conglomerate Corporation and an enormous budget? You get Mix Soup! Egos will be tested, budgets will get blown and problems might get solved along the way. If you love to see the smartest people on the planet then you might want to grab some other comic. Mix Soup explores a funny side of being smart to some and annoying to others.
Ever think what really goes on behind the scenes in other peoples work place? Your Guide from 9 to 5 may have the answers to that.This 30 page comic strip shows a funny side of the work force. This Volume shows the Apartment complex in all it’s funny glory.Many people could relate to the 9 to 5. Check it out.
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