Can Creators take back The Comic Industry?

Updated: May 22

Did we miss something? When the top creators and writers left major comic companies in the wake of wokeness, you think they would've all started a company to keep creativity and originality in the industry. The creators and writers who still has had a hand in the direct market could've created a publishing company where the storytelling and originality could have still been what fans of western comics wanted from the beginning. But instead, what has happened? They all went their separate ways. going to other platforms instead of coming together. Am sure this would have been a win seeing the recent fails and bombs of declining comic sales and movies this past year. It just seemed like the logical thing to do. The Creators and Writers could have shown them that we still have the market. Has going their separate ways literally gave them the market? Was it smart to go on it alone or to accomplish this together?

Every now and then an indie creator would sometimes wonder what they would do if their comic would hit in the direct market. Besides the fact that you'll have hundreds of thousands of readers reading you work. You'll have a larger fan base and other opportunities like TV and Movie deals. Now we are seeing this happen but it's not happening to indie creators and writers. The woke culture has infiltrated the biggest comic companies in the industry. We all saw what was happening, we all saw what they are preaching, and our response was to not buy their books. But was this enough? Creators were either leaving or getting cancelled by the culture and to survive they reached out to other platforms like Substack. Fans that wanted just a good story began going to Manga. It became quite apparent, while woke comics wanted to preach to you manga comics wanted to entertain you. Seeing this and the way creators were treated during the beginning of wokeness. If you know what works with fans and you have already made a name for yourself in the direct market, why not create a company? The major companies will realize sooner or later the mistake of trying to appeal to a small or non-existent fan base. This has a rippling effect on comic stores, many of them have to close because no one really wants these woke comics. Unless you're collecting them for historic value there is no market for them.

In all of this there has not been an increase in sales from smaller indie creators and writers. They been creating and writing good storylines for years.

So, this all remains to come about one way or another. Major companies basically allowed woke culture to take over their business. Creators and Writers of those companies were either cancelled by woke culture or they left the company because of the changing policies those companies allowed. Instead of coming together forming a business to accept originally and great storytelling. These creators and writers went on their own for whatever reasons. Fans stop buying western comics and moved over to manga comics without checking out indie or underground comics who has been around this whole time. The industry is failing because creators and fans are divided. In a sense, the direct market is up for grabs to anyone who can bring it all together. I won't say the industry is dead yet. Am not the only one who sees this. I believe it will work out for everyone including woke culture. All they need to do is find a market for what their selling. Creators and Writers in the direct market have more power than they realize. It would be awesome had they all come together, you would see a drastic change basically overnight believe that. Fans can go wherever they please and this was makes them the strongest of them all. Their voice is definitely stronger than anyone in the room. Guess we have to see what develops in the coming months.

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