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Disney's Obsession with Being "Woke"

In recent years, Disney has been increasingly criticized for its obsession with being "woke" or politically correct. From its movies to its theme parks, the entertainment giant seems determined to embrace progressive ideologies and cater to a more diverse audience. While some applaud Disney's efforts to promote inclusivity and representation, others argue that the company's obsession with being "woke" is nothing more than a marketing strategy. Today we will delve into the reasons behind Disney's apparent obsession with being "woke" and explore why this company see this as a opportunity for what they think is groundbreaking.



One of the primary reasons behind Disney's focus on being "woke" is the changing landscape of the entertainment industry. In recent years, there has been a significant shift towards inclusivity and representation, with audiences demanding more diverse and authentic storytelling. Disney, being a major player in the industry, recognizes the need to adapt and cater to these changing demands to remain relevant.



Disney has always been known for its family-friendly content, but as societal norms try and evolve, so do the expectations of its smaller audience. A small group of viewers now seek stories that reflect the diversity of their world, and Disney aims to meet these expectations by featuring characters from different ethnicities, backgrounds, and sexual orientations. By doing so, the company hopes to resonate with a wider range of viewers and maintain its position as a beloved entertainment brand.



As a global corporation, Disney believes they have  a responsibility to address social issues and contribute positively to society. What it should be considering is the profit their shareholders are losing every time Disney's tries to be "woke". One can say it could be seen as a genuine attempt to use its influence to foster a more inclusive and accepting world when it should be in the business of  making profit for their shareholders.



Critics argue that Disney's obsession with being "woke" is merely a marketing strategy to capitalize on the growing demand for diverse content. By featuring characters from different backgrounds, Disney can tap into new markets and attract a broader audience. This approach proved the company has diminish its profitability while maintaining an unfavorable public image.



Disney faces the challenge of striking a balance between authenticity and commercial success. While some argue that the company's focus on being "woke" is genuine, others believe it is driven solely by political motives. Disney must abandon this delicate balance to ensure that its content remains authentic and resonates with its core audiences while still being commercially viable. The main goal any business will stay in business is profit.



Disney's obsession with being "woke" can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the changing landscape of the entertainment industry, meeting the minority consumer expectations, corporate pandering, and marketing strategy. While some view Disney's efforts as genuine attempts to promote inclusivity and representation, others argue that it is merely a calculated move to pander to a small audience. Regardless of the motivations behind Disney's obsession, it is clear that the company's actions have sparked important lessons about diversity and representation in the entertainment industry.

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