Fans create fans

Updated: May 22

It no secret, fans can be your worst nightmare or your best ally in any industry you choose. Sports, Music, and the Entertainment industry can even be more toxic than your average fan we have seen this firsthand. What I would like to touch on is the Comic Fans. In My opinion every fanbase has a bit of toxicology in their industry. Also, you won't find a more passionate person like a fan. Fans in general go hard for their Team, Musician, Artist or Hero. They stick to the Artist or creator in both good and bad times. What I find Incredible is how fans create more fans. The Artist or creator doesn't have to advertise as much because the fans get the word out faster. I Love Fans, I love that my work has reach them and that connection we have on the said subject or project and when am not feeling at my best a fan can bring a smile to my face. What am learning is that the project or subject has bought me together with fans and that relationship is a nonstop ride towards to goal of achieving that projects "enlightenment". Once we reach this height, we both evolve, and it starts over again.

I respect my fans; they keep me doing what am doing. So, when I don't like doing something, a background page, for example I let them know. I tell them why and how it sucks for me to do this, and I get them involve on the subject. "Tell me how can plan to do this another way?" I do this with hopes that they not only see it my way but going about this way I usually get respect out the Fans because they either give me input on getting around it or tell me to stick with it backgrounds because they like them. Either way I have gain their respect and this word spreads quickly. I have a mix following of Readers, Comic Book Sellers, Writers, Publishers and Creators. A fan would love a personal message from a creator once a follow has been set. Am a get in the habit of that.

What I hope to accomplish in my lifetime? I have a story to tell, with insane plots, interesting characters, Villains and Antagonist. Just a good story am sure people will speak about for generations to come. Treat and Respect fans like you want to be treated and they will bring more fans.

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