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Powers from Superior Phalanx Universe

Greetings, esteemed readers! As we delve into the captivating realms of Superior Phalanx, one cannot help but ponder the boundless capabilities possessed by its extraordinary characters. The origins of these awe-inspiring powers shall soon be unveiled, leaving you in awe.

At the genesis of this phenomenon lies the dormant potential within every human being. Astonishingly, most individuals remain oblivious to their latent power, unaware of the key to awakening it. Within the enigmatic world of Superior Phalanx, individuals mysteriously find themselves empowered by an internal force lying dormant within. Only the enigmatic Karma and her enlightened associates hold the answers to the hows and whys of this extraordinary occurrence. Though seemingly dormant, this power is akin to a malleable substance, capable of being harnessed repeatedly.

However, as this enigmatic power permeated the human race, it underwent considerable dilution. Once awakened, the limits of this power are determined by the strength of its wielder. Through diligent practice, the power grows in potency. Yet, it is crucial to note that the human wielder cannot surpass their own capacity, for the power has been diluted over time. Thus, it is imperative to understand that a powered human cannot attain omnipotence.

Nevertheless, those who harness this power exhibit astonishing feats, each with its own inherent ceiling. Enter the world of Superior Phalanx, where scientists have developed groundbreaking power dampening technology, capable of suppressing the dormant potential within humans on a scale ranging from a mere room to an entire country. Further elucidation on this groundbreaking development awaits you in the forthcoming issue.

Rest assured, dear readers, that what lies before you is a truly original creation. Some perceive it as the pinnacle of human evolution and liberation, while others view it as a curse or affliction. There are also those who recognize it as an opportunity to pursue alternative ambitions. The powers within Superior Phalanx are undeniably of extraterrestrial origin, leaving certain characters yearning for answers, while others remain indifferent. However, akin to all phenomena in this intricate world, these powers have been bestowed upon individuals for a purpose. The revelation of this purpose shall be unveiled in future posts. Keep your eyes peeled for the imminent release of issue 3!

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