Powers from Superior Phalanx Universe

Hey guys, I know reading into the second issue of Superior Phalanx may have you wondering the limits of the powers some of these Characters have. Where these powers come from will be explained soon enough.

In the beginning this power lays dormant in the human. Most humans have this power, but none are aware in awakening the power. In superior phalanx, people mysteriously become empowered by something dormant within them. Only karma and her people can explain how and why. The power seems dormant but actually it’s like a material being used over and over again. By the time this unknown power reached the human race it has been watered down considerably. Once awakened the power limits are set by the welder's strength. The more the welder practices the stronger the power becomes. In any case the human welder cannot make this power any stronger than he or she can handle because as I stated the power has been watered down. So, in speaking a powered human cannot become Omnipotent. Still, humans welding this power show incredible feats. These incredible feats all have a ceiling which they cannot break though. Scientists in the world of Superior Phalanx developed power dampening technology to suppress the dormant power in humans which is ranging from room size to a country. This will be explained further in issue 3.

Trust me when I say this is very original. Some look at this as human evolution and freedom. Others see it as a curse or sickness and others also view it as an opportunity for other goals. The Powers of Superior Phalanx are definitely alien in nature. Some characters will want to know while most care not to. But just like everything else in this world these powers were given for a reason. This Reason will be explained in further post. Look out for issue 3 in the works!

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