Superior Phalanx Issue 3 - Moon Talon

Updated: May 22

Issue 3 mainly explains how Moon Talon does things. You will see this both directly and indirectly. In the first issue Superior tries to join the greatest supergroup in Capital City the Authority. In doing so he’s learned in way that he has potential to become a leader on his own. Moon Talon is already a leader and an experienced one at that. There’s a lot going on with this character most can only be seen if you read between the lines.

The issue debuts the first appearance of Omega Girl who seems to be working with Moon Talon. Omega Girl is not like your traditional superhero. In fact, other hero circles see her as a bit off. I decided to team Omega Girl and Moon Talon together as a back story I'll fill in later with Omega Girl. The approach I wanted for this issue is to show a hero with more experience given the same situation. Superior started with no experience, while heroes like Goldie and Moon Talon show more tenure in the field. This will prove to be exciting and a bit scary for Superior to make decisions with a team that follows his orders. I placed a bonus page on this issue (Your welcome :)) to open up the 4th Issue, introduce a hero that's able to assist Superior in maintaining his control over his would-be members and also explain some characters in the story. Not in a comic story sense but in why I created these characters what people first thought of when they saw them and a little bit of their part in the story.

Issue 3 has been a real grind. Carefully placing everything in the right place so the story flows beautifully. Those of you that has waited am sure will appreciate it. Moon Talon is by far the most bad ass character I've ever created. I wanted to him represented well in this comic and hope you'll enjoy him as well as I do.

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