The Age of Lazy Writers

In today's entertainment we've all notice a pattern the industry has taken in order both make a profit and spread messages. The Comic Book, Movie and TV shows industries have all gone into place where originality is a thing of the past making Remakes and Reboots more common. We are living in the age of lazy writers. So, what’s next? An all-male Charlie’s Angels movie? A lesbian walker, Texas ranger? Or perhaps Black Panther starting a European actress? Where’s the character building? Where is the originality? where’s the actual writing? As fans we invest time in reading the stories, learning about the characters struggles and watched as the characters grow. All we ask is that you build the character. No hate we could have a female double 0 Or any character you see fit. Character building seems to be a relic of the past as writers of this day cut corners to satisfy “the machine”.

The machine we all know as the entertainment business has been booming but at what cost? Comic fans and movie fans are running into a problem and the entertainment industry is trying to collect from both. I my opinion I see comic fans are long term while movie fans are short term. I say this because comic fans collect books and stories that can go on for years. Comic fans devote a great deal of time into a character. On the other hand, the movie fan is short term, which is still a good thing. Because they want a storyline to move at a faster pace. The movie is set at a certain time in a character's life and the pace is set. These fans still spend time and money on the character but it's usually within the time frame of that movie. Anything else about the character that's new would still be mainly in that time frame. You're not supposed to (at least I do) explain a lot in a movie like you do in a comic or book. With this being said who is responsible for setting the pace for comic book stories and movies? Writers. Do writers today build characters and set that pace for fans to enjoy? No.

Instead, we get a copy and paste, a remake of stories we loved and invested. The way I see it

there’s not enough exploration and too much exploitation. Believe me I get it. Business want profit and won’t risk money on a new idea. it’s “safer” to stay in market that they know this will earn profit quickly. What better way to do this by checking your highest earnings projects? Here is where you're losing. The fact is people actually prefer Originals over the Remakes. The Writers of these shows, movies and comics need to go back to the basics. Remakes and Reboots seem like we are moving backwards. We're not exploring anything; our imaginations are not open to anything when watching a remake. The Lazy writing now places personal views, politics and certain ideologies in the story where people read, watch and enjoy these shows. The purpose is to entertain not shovel your visions, politics and personal views down our throats. People watch movies, TV shows and read comics even play video games mainly as a hobby to get away from the stress and same exploitation they see every day. This "Woke Culture" you're trying to push is only happening around you. The World doesn't care about ideology views in their entertainment past time. It's time to go back to original characters. They can be whatever you want them to be as long as you build them. People don't want a remake of something they already have a record of. Most of us just want a good story. Stories are meant to be told, period. Lots of stories have Gay and other characters you learn about during the story. You don't have to exploit the gender or sexual preference. In doing this your storyline suffers. The characters preference is often told without any exploitation. when done this way the reader or movie goes accepts it as the characters profile. The Story is the reason people come running into the comic shops and movie theaters.

The bottom line am getting at. Stop replacing these with characters with no direction other than the “ideology, political or personal views” you want to give them in order to attract a certain crowd. Instead, build them from scratch like you’ve done with the characters we have come to love and respect. It's time for writers to wake up and write something worth retelling.

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