The Drawing Desk begins a world of 3D

Updated: May 22

Hello Drawing Desk members! While working on Issue 3 of Superior Phalanx I decided to give 3D a try. I have always been attracted to its look and thought as a start I'll set up a cover for issue 3. Just thinking of this has got me excited, Not even thinking of what will be on the cover I got started. Once I started, I realized this was no easy task. So, I thought about it some more and came up with the idea of making the world of superior phalanx as a movie. Meaning the look will look like a movie version of the comic. I quickly got started again and this time I got some results! This here is Karma. Am so proud of this one. You will be seeing more of Karma in the coming Issues. Her outfit is what I believe Karma would look like in a movie version of herself. The next one is Moon Talon. Moon Talon is the main subject of issue 3 and I thought it would be nice to show him on the cover of the 3rd issue. Moon Talon is still work in progress but as you can see the world is opening up! Am also thinking of doing a solo 3D comic for each of the superior phalanx members. Look for more as the world expands. Don't forget to head to Webtoon. Superior Phalanx is there for free! Also please register there and also like and subscribe so you could receive up and coming issues. Thank you for being a part of the Drawing Desk!


Moon Talon

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