The Idea of Superior Phalanx

Updated: May 22

When the thought of creating a superhero story came to mind a lot of questions came as well. Especially in the time we’re in now, having a superhero movie or tv show coming out every other season. The first question I thought of was why do Superior Phalanx? With everything you see out there not one story comes close to what Superior Phalanx is about. In fact, any superhero tv or movie has its same elements. You have your Villain with either a slight advantage or equal to the hero who always seems to never find himself until the end. Superior Phalanx isn’t always about good and evil conflicts. The storylines deal with a lot of gray areas. One may see an angel or devil and base on that assumes that the path that character has to take. I see the same angel and devil and see one race of beings that either made poor choices or good ones. I can see the devil giving good advice and the angel being real jerk because the individual morals of that character. In Superior Phalanx not everything is what it seems. The hero to some could be a tyrant to others or the villain could be the guy taken up the cause to fight for a blind and unsuspecting society. Superior’s choices won’t be pretty and everyone in the group are far from being angels. Basically the individual morals will play a big role in the comic.

Also the comic characters will have a sense of commitment. The Phalanx is the Phalanx because they do jobs other heroes won’t touch. The Phalanx draws a line and will hold that line to the last man. The Phalanx doesn’t believe in staying in any safe zone. The safe zone is defined as heroes not realizing their true potential. Staying in a zone where the jobs are easier does make you look awesome and your intentions good. But at the same time it also holds you back or keeps you working on the same level. The comic will view both kinds of heroes. While on the other hand villains won’t be restrained. They experience true freedom and power. This will also be viewed as some characters will be consumed by the total freedom while others are just satisfied with a smaller margin.

Storylines in the comic will have conflicts we humans don’t normally handle or can’t actually relate to. This is done purposely. In order to expand your imagination and inspire you I sometimes look to things I can’t relate to. This goes back to fearing the unknown. No one wonders or even cares what a god or race of gods go though on a daily basis yet alone in a lifetime. The pains and troubles of a being such as this could seem uninteresting because we lack the understanding or not seeing any comparison to ourselves. The truth is we are our worse enemy, Because we can choose what to learn and what to dismiss. You may not be able to relate to some characters in the comic but you will understand the behavior and know why the choices were made.

In this comic you will see, ancient gods looking for revenge or revolution. Aliens secretly or openly at war with us or other aliens. Lots of time paradoxes. World treat level issues. Villains looking to destroy (not take over or rule.) on a planetary level scale. Lots of dimension hopping and visits to other worlds. The struggles will always effect a large population of something or someplace. I think there’s enough in this comic to satisfy everyone. I hope you give Superior Phalanx a try. It’s a good comic for totally inspiring and expanding any imagination. And if you like the comic e-mail me with your comments. I’ll give a shoutout an

d post your comments. Thank you and good reading.

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