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The Rise and Fall of The Marvels

Years ago, Marvel Studios introduced us to a world of superheroes and captivating storylines that took the entertainment industry by storm. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) reached its peak of popularity and influence, with every character becoming a face of the brand. However, in recent years, the once-mighty Marvel has stumbled, tarnishing its brand with a string of lackluster movies and TV shows. This blog explores how Marvel's missteps have led to a decline in interest and a sense of apathy among fans.


Marvel's decline began with a series of mediocre films and TV shows that failed to capture the magic of their earlier successes. Starting with phase 4. These projects felt like sad and embarrassing mistakes, ostracizing the rest of the MCU and limiting the focus to a handful of meaningless characters. The studio seemed contractually obligated to churn out sequels, which were delayed and plagued by rumors of problems and conflicts.



One such movie that epitomizes Marvel's decline is the recent release that we find ourselves discussing. The film kicks off with a kree lady who discovers a magical bangle from a random planet. This bangle turns out to be connected to another magical bangle used by a character from a Disney+ show that nobody watched. The convoluted plot and magical elements feel forced and contrived. Questions about who originally had the bangles in the first place and why they were separated was something early Marvel would have resolved for their fans.



Marvel's recent projects have introduced obscure characters from Disney+ shows that failed to gain traction. The lack of direction and purpose in these characters' storylines is evident. For instance, Monica Rambeau, who was an astronaut, suddenly gains powers after an encounter with Scarlet Witch. The movie's plot becomes convoluted, and the magical elements feel like a desperate attempt to generate interest.



Marvel's recent movies have fallen into a predictable pattern. Once again, we see a giant scary space portal that needs to be closed to save the universe. The lack of imagination and diversity in storytelling is evident. The film tries to emphasize the importance of diverse women working together, but it feels forced and lacks the impact of previous Marvel films.



One of the major flaws in recent Marvel movies is the lack of character development and the arbitrary limitations placed on characters' powers. For example, the protagonist in this film is overpowered, but the writers struggle to find reasons why she can't solve every problem instantly. This inconsistency creates a problem that Marvel has created for itself.



The decline of Marvel is not solely due to one film but rather a culmination of missteps and a loss of confidence. The once-innovative formula of referential humor, sky portals, and disposable bad guys has become tedious and predictable. The audience is no longer angry; they simply don't care anymore. This apathy marks the end of an era for Marvel. I always said this was not a “Marvel Formula”. This was originally Joss Weldon's formula. Then Disney took it after discarding him. Have it to another director and had them put their spin on it.  This method looks watered down and when you finally get to the marvels is just hot air.



Marvel now faces the challenge of regaining their footing and finding new ways to captivate audiences. The recent underperformance of the sequel to Captain Marvel is a clear indication that Marvel can no longer rely solely on the success of previous films. They must now prove themselves on their own merits and deliver compelling stories that resonate with audiences. We all know Captain Marvel came out after Infinity War, but before Endgame. With the MCU infinity war  ending devastated audiences and had kids crying and they had the clamoring for more.



Marvel's decline from its peak of popularity and influence is a cautionary tale for any entertainment franchise. The recent missteps and lackluster projects have led to a sense of apathy among fans. The once-inspiring and controversial Marvel has succumbed to a more insidious problem: apathy. The MCU's decline is not a dramatic end but a whimper, signaling the need for a fresh approach and renewed creativity. Marvel must now find ways to regain momentum and recapture the magic that will help them regain the trust of its fans.

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