Understanding Teccraft

Updated: May 22

How did Teccraft ever get started? For me it was one of my side businesses, my daughter was two and I just graduated with a computer networks degree. With a few certifications plus that degree under my belt I still couldn't land a job because of my inexperience. I then decided to get my own experience by doing basic networking for small businesses. In doing this i notice something. The humor between technology and humans was like watching a wildlife series. "Human walks up to computer, sniffs it bangs on keyboard nothing happens and human loses it." lol. We love technology but most of us can only go as far as hitting the "Red" button and expect stuff to work. Reminds me of a cartoon i grew up watching "The Jettson's". This doesn't just stop with the computer challenged, In the industry the I.T. professionals I hung out with were either lazy or knew so much it was like talking with a robot. The humor between both ends became normal to me. I decided to write some scripts, nothing big just a few panels to get the joke out. I used my own business design for that company logo It was at that moment Teccraft was born.

Teccraft humor reminds us were all human. In the comic the company is known for being "Wizards of Technology" . The people there have a slight disconnect when dealing with customers. Am sure you can relate to this, you hear it every time you call some companies customer service . On the other end of that phone line there's a sweet person that wants to really tell you where to put that Wi-Fi. (yes really lol)

Working in this industry has me sometimes thinking, am not sure if were supposed to be life counselors or Tech professionals. when your a tech professional customers want that "magic button". They don't want to know how you did it only that you fixed it so they can break all over again. When your a life coach were listening to other people's problems and believe me the tech is thinking, "I could've been a bartender and saved SO much money." The Reality is that both sides have that slight disconnect. I could've gone crazy the first few years doing I.T. work but i decided to write about some the situations i experience so you could get a little chuckle out of it. Humor can be looked at in many different ways. Looking at life with a smile is probably the hardest thing to do especially when your life is like a sitcom. Life may not seem funny when your buried with work, bills and drama. Just remember were only human, and Teccraft inspires you to understand the other side of things. seeing how the customer feels but mainly seeing how the tech professional sees things. Teccraft helps you understand people a little bit more While laughing a little along the way.

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