What's Different About Superior Phalanx?

Updated: May 22

Superior Phalanx is a comic project i started to show readers more about the superhero in my opinion, gets overlooked a bit. Super Heroes are "Super" but some of the problems heroes face don't always seem super at all. The personal struggle the hero has is not really the issue but often the main storyline. Villains become the opposite of the hero and the actual struggle between good and evil has been somewhat boring. We kind of already know how the story will turn out. We sometimes get surprised of the ending. We all been tuned to believe in the lines between good and evil. Morals and standards always played the part of the hero and never the villain. To me there's not much difference between the hero and villain. In fact i like to think of villains as "Free Thinkers". Free Thinkers are not tied to society rules, They listen to themselves doing w

hat they need to accomplish their goals. The hero in my opinion is tied to a leach of society. They follow the rules according to society becoming champions of that society. Often we think of ourselves as "Free Thinkers" not playing into society rules. We sometimes rebel slightly on issues we feel are wrong. Does this make us villains? Superior Phalanx remove those lines of good and evil. In the storylines the lines are transparent. It's easy to root for the good guy when the hero's point of view is seen by the reader. This comic shows the story viewed by a normal human being. I have other differences why Superior Phalanx is a comic not like any comic your read before here we go.

The Story is set in a Different Reality ​Superior Phalanx is set in a time where being a

hero can become legal. Registering yourself as a hero has it's perks in the comic but also has it's downside. You are not liable for damages towards the city. Any damages made during a battle is cleaned up by the city, basically your insured against major damages towards the city as long as your fight is within society's survival. Any hero not registered is faced with bills and lawsuits towards the city. Even if the unregistered hero manages to defeat it's menace they will face charges towards the city enforced by the city's own Special police force "heroes internal affairs". As a Registered Hero everybody knows you, if they don't they can always look you up know your basic information and what you can do. As you move the city ladder the information becomes more detailed. Of course the downside is that everyone knows you. Heroes in the comic can use this to their benefit and become social celebrities, but most become the target of peoples hatred. With that being said technology has gotten a slight upgrade due to recent wars (both human and alien).

The Storylines Focuses Mainly on the Human Spirit The hero can face lots of issues, Superior Phalanx will focus on the heroes human spirit, because super strength and flight is not enough. In my opinion the human spirit is more powerful than any super power ever created. This is often shown as a last resort when a hero has nothing left. It's not focus on enough in my opinion. The hero should use everything in it's disposal to accomplish the goal, what's the use being super if your not giving your full. My heroes will be beaten, tired and pass exhaustion but will try and still complete a mission. The powers are secondary here, their will power and resolve maybe the only thing left that will save them and the world from crisis.

Heroes will Face Overwhelming Odds As stated above the human spirit will be focus on main in the comic. To get the Hero there the odd has to be overwhelming. As a hero in this comic your powers are only tools. It may seems remarkable to other people but to the hero it's just a tool. Other comics view these powers as gifts and the hero learn to use these "gifts" to combat evil. Here the powers are look at as you would think about getting up and walking to your car. That action seemed simple to you and to the hero the act of flying or firing energy blast will only look the same way. If the hero can walk away from a ordeal without so much as a scratch then the issue was probably not worth his time. Superior Phalanx will start heroes with seemingly easy task but as the story deepens the crisis grows and the issue will become very overwhelming. The heroes will needs their "tools" to complete some jobs but their resolve will definitely be needed in the end. Getting pass an ordeal will bring the hero to a new level of respect toward other heroes. Superior Phalanx will deal with missions other heroes will not touch. From Ancient Gods to massive Alien invasions to Time Paradox's and Reality time shifts. Superior Phalanx will tackle these issues and more on a daily basis. The bank robbers and terrorist are left in the hands of human law enforcement.

There is of course more I could go on explaining about the comic. But you'll have more fun reading a copy. Pick up a copy of Superior Phalanx get to know the heroes and see why this comic is different than the rest

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