What's mixed in Mix Soup?

Updated: May 22

When someone writes about scientist a couple of things do come to mind. People may say, "Something about this has got to be smart, you can't put a bunch of smart guys together and not have a challenging story." Or "Am not going to be able to keep up with this i might be bored out of my mind." You know what actual scientist think? Exactly like you. How i know because i met some back in my college days. I used to listen to these guys talk and think "Did he just say what i thought he said?" We as a people hold certain people at a certain standard. Most of them will never admit or ever say that they're smart. Smart is placing them on a certain level. Most of them will tell you that they are still learning. To be smart is like you have made it across the finish line. There's nothing else for you to learn because you know it all. They know this to be false. We spend a lifetime filling our brains with knowledge and stuff we really never scratched the surface on most things. Most scientist are inspired by others and that what drives them to break all kinds of achievements. What has any of this has to do with Mix Soup?

Mix Soup is not about one scientist, it about six scientist each of a different race, age and gender. Each of them has a different way of thinking and doing something. Your think placing a bunch "smart" people in a room to solve the world issues would be a solution, right? Well, it could be. If we all thought the same way. Mix Soup has fun with the "smart guy" It teaches us that we can't do it alone like we think we could. It inspires and challenges us to work together and have a little fun along the way.

We're all in a Mix Soup Comic of our very own when we go to work or head to a party. Episode 9 is a good example of what how an older generation and younger generation view the same thing. It's humorous but at the same time teaching a bit of creativity within groups. It's Fun and enjoyable to read. Still not convinced? pick up a copy today. (MIX SOUP ) And get inspired.

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