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Who is Vice

In issue 2 of Superior Phalanx, the focus shifts to the investigation of the Sliver Line District Attack that occurred in the first issue. The main suspect in the attack is a man named Vice, who appears to have control over the situation. Vice, whose real name is Victor, possesses strong skills in computer software and robotics.

Victor used to work in the Silverline district's beta section, where tech companies develop new technologies. However, he was fired for stealing secrets and selling them to other companies. Shortly after his dismissal, the CEOs of those companies were murdered, and valuable information was stolen. Although Victor was not directly implicated in the crimes, his firing and the subsequent events raise suspicions about his involvement. It is worth noting that Victor was in a different part of town at the time of the murders, and the manner in which the CEOs died does not align with his capabilities. Victor used the stolen technology to support his brother, Vernon, but little is known about Vernon except that he cares for his brother and will protect him.

The last known encounter involving Victor was a confrontation with an unregistered power named "Creeper," during which an explosion occurred. Creeper's fate remains uncertain, as his body was left in a similar manner to the murdered CEOs. After this incident, Victor and Vernon disappeared. Approximately four months later, a new weapons dealer named "Vice" emerged, aiming to become a major supplier of unregistered powers. Vice is often accompanied by a figure known as "Versa," who is believed to be the muscle in their organization.

Vice's mentality is that he only responds to what others do to him. If one encounters Versa, it is likely their last meeting with Vice. It is clear that Vice still holds a grudge against the Silverline district and Superior. Despite his seemingly amateur status, Vice's plans often revolve around profit and revenge, making him a formidable adversary.

Stay tuned for the release of issue 2 of Superior Phalanx, where the investigation into Vice and the Sliver Line District Attack continues to unfold.


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