Who is Vice

Updated: May 22

The Superior Phalanx issue 2 is about the investigation into the Sliver line District Attack in issue 1. In the issue a man name Vice seems to control the situation. He has the Mechanism has, men and talents to get it started. Everything seems to point to him or at least start with him. Vice has a lot on his plate. Let’s see if we could identify those issues. Vice is smart, computer software and robotics are his main strengths.

Vice’s real name is Victor. Victor used to work in the Silverline district’s technical area called beta section. It’s an area where all tech companies work on building new technologies for citizens. Victor was fired for stealing secrets and selling them to other companies. Because he got fired, the CEOS were conveniently murdered, and secured information was stolen. Victor was not pinned to the crime because he was on the other side of town at the time of the murders and the way the CEOs died was something Victor could’ve have never done. At least that we know of. Victor used the stolen tech to take care of his brother Vernon. Not much we know about Vernon, only he cares for his brother and will protect him. The last we heard of victor he was robbed by a known unregistered power named “Creeper”. Victor was caught in a fight with him which caused an explosion. Creeper died in the explosion but it’s not clear if the explosion took his life. Creepers body was left like the CEOs that fired Victor. From then Victor and Vernon was nowhere to be found. About a four months later a new weapons dealer going by the name of “Vice "was working his way to become a major supplier of unregistered powers. Vice was always accompanied by “Versa” which is believed to be the muscle in this organization.

The mentality of Vice is that Vice only does whatever people do to him. And if you met Versa then it was your last meeting with Vice. It seems Vice still has an issue with The Silverline district and now Superior. Don't easily dismiss Vice as some low ranking amateur. His plans go hand in hand with Profit and Revenge 90% of the time.

Look for issue 2 of Superior Phalanx coming soon!

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