World Building - Expanding The Drawing Desk Universe

Updated: May 22

What is the Drawing Desk Universe and What all Drawing Desk titles have in common really? Simply put the characters work better for me this way. Every part of the title has a distinct feel whether it's comedy with Teccraft, witty with Mix Soup, life with Your guide from 9 to 5 or action and adventure with Superior Phalanx. Every world needs a past present and future. I needed something realistic which Teccraft and Your guide from 9 to 5 come from. Something smart and multi-dimensional which Mix soup brings and of course action drama and adventure Superior Phalanx brings to the table. There's always room for more in the universe but I believe this could work as a start.

Issue 3 of Superior Phalanx will have characters from Mix soup in the comic. As you know Superior is a scientist and works with Jennifer who is also a scientist. Jennifer will grab the help of these characters who will bring fun and comedy to the story. this will be the first time these characters meet and am very excited. Johnny Gunns will check

out an apartment and will interact with the characters of Your Guide from 9 to 5. The issue will be the start of the world building within The Drawing Desk. I'll even have a Teccraft building in the shots of the city. The Main city in question, Capital city will have a very detailed history as well as Maps of the different districts. On my Podcast I'll explain the different districts that make Capital City along with a brief history about the place.

Speaking of which the world around Capital City is very advance. It is a believable world full of tech. Magic exist as an old form of technology. It is hard to live in Capital city, competition is heavy. But so is Opportunity if you look in the right areas and know the right people. More of this will be explained in the podcast. Watch out for more content coming soon. Take care and keep inspiring!

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